3YR BA: Landscape on the Pier.

Landscape on the Pier.
BA Architecture: Third Year, 2009.

Exhibited: Visualisations of the 21st Century City, ‘Conflict in Architecture’, RIBA Building Futures.

School: University of Brighton.
Tutor: Nick Hayhurst and Tamsie Thomson.

Please click on the images below to see at higher resolution.

A speculative project that aims to react to a hypothetical scenario of hyper-consumerism in the year 2029. Brighton seals itself shut with waste produce from an epidemic of hyper-consumerism. It builds a barrier of wasteland between the city and the South Downs country therefore breaking the dialogue between city and countryside.

The Landscape on the Pier is an immediate solution to this problem by  introducing an artificial landscape that regenerates the West Pier of Brighton. The undulating landscape provides a scaled down version of the rolling hills located in the South Downs that enable the public to hike in the city. The undulations are made to reveal views, shade certain areas from prevailing wind and provide different amounts of difficulty for hiking. The project interacts with the burnt down pier by establishing routes that allow the public to interact with the now redundant structure. The main pier also becomes a folly that encourages the growth of local vegetation.


AD370_landscape1-1 AD370_landscape1-2 AD370_landscape1-3 AD370_landscape1-4 AD370_landscape1-5 AD370_landscape1-8 AD370_landscape1-9 AD370_landscape1-11 AD370_landscape1-12 AD370_landscape1-13 AD370_landscape1-14 AD370_landscape1-15

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